Mobile and Set Top Box Applications that offer Multi-Platform Playback on any device anywhere

CloudApps for Set Top Boxes and Mobile Devices that tie and are controlled by our CloudWare Solution

CloudApps are a break through in technology that offer your Subscribers a intuitive, easy to use interface that is completely controlled from our CloudWare IPTV Middleware Solution.

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Immediate insight and fingertip control on login with CloudApp:

  • Unparalleled navigation
  • Checks with CloudWare subscription verifying user permissions and subscription activation
  • Local Weather
  • Quick Navigation to users Favorites, Recordings, Live TV, EPG, Settings and DVR Functions

Dynamic EPG Data – CloudAPP empowers you to load EPG data on the fly using industry standards

  • Set EPG Data on individual channels using CloudWare
  • Users can see up and coming shows with ease and select a channel to go to
  • Channel preview while browsing EPG data
  • User ability to setup DVR recordings to record favorite shows and setup time slots – with configurations to record to their local store or our CloudStore object storage systems

Many other features are in our CloudApp for Set Top Box and Mobile, coupled with our CloudWare Middleware for OTT / IPTV we give you, the Operator, the control you need while providing an exceptional user experience they deserve.